Those who stuff Amalgam "unconsciously" fulfill a Hitler-order


No one with common sense would take any kind of substance out of a bottle labeled with skull and crossbones and then stuff it into the head of a patient forever. Not without the magical suggestion from a mass murderer, even if he has been dead for 63 years.


Of course, the secret recipe for the victims has been delivered right with it, so that the victims took their death sentence.

"For promotion of dental health" is identical with "undress to delouse" when entering the gas chambers which then were infiltrated with hydro-cyanic gas.

By the way, both poisons came from the company Degussa (Evonic), which was not the only similarity.

After millions of murders, among them the Jewish and mercury poisoned children, 25 million Germans have died from the mercury-resulted autoimmune diseases (40 000, per year).

Nowadays dentists still use Hitler´s gloss-overs as an argument and they describe cases of death as especially inexpensive and of good value. This is a shame.

In the era of Hitler the justice system, too, was paralyzed by this impertinence.

But since Romano Guardini (European theologian 1885-1968)  we have learned that


Truth wins!