The negative effects of dental quicksilver are being concealed in a criminal way

It is easy to understand that those who poison with mercury are to blame, and this is why:

1.Quicksilver is a nano-poison: the smaller - the nastier; there is no threshold limit value            

    for the toxicity of quicksilver.

2.Quicksilver blocks each cell on 80 points and therefore leads to metabolism disturbance;

    quicksilver is a very strong nerve poison and immune poison.

3.Quicksilver-vapors are released when chewing and will irreversibly remain deposited in

    the brain.

4.Intestinal bacteria and fungi transform quicksilver into highly dangerous organic


5.There is no in-time-removal for quicksilver from the body; the damage is irreversible.

6.Quicksilver irreversibly damages the descendants.

Only those who do not practice lying have properly informed those who receive the amalgam.

Everything else is malicious and fulfills the criteria of murder.