The goal of our complaint is an immediate ban of amalgam in dentistry

In desperation because of the German´s obedience to chemistry and after 20 years of pleading we finally called on the European Court of Human Rights to put an end to the totally unnecessary mass dying of 10 million fellow countrymen. Because of their unfortunate dependency on the industry, the German authorities and  thus the entire German justice system have not put an end to this murdering. May you please independently examine the attached documents:

Amalgam is an ultra dangerous poison for everyone and for the environment. It is a nano poison, therefore the smallest amounts destroy the nerve metabolism on 80 points in each cell. Amalgam causes hundreds of illnesses. Most of these illnesses lead to a horrible death. Via a late-reacting allergy, which can only be identified with a special test, amalgam destroys the body´s organs. This is what we call an autoimmune disease. Thousands of our patients who were allergic towards amalgam, later suffered from autoimmune diseases.

Amalgam is a very strong neurotoxin. First it causes ADHD, then Multiple Sclerosis and finally Alzheimer´s disease. Amalgam also is an immune poison; it causes tooth suppuration which among other disorders causes sepsis and even cancer. Cancer tissue always shows high concentrations of amalgam. Amalgam is a mutagenic substance. During pregnancy, the mother passes on 40% of the mercury, which has been stored in her body, to the fetus. The development of the nervous system of the fetus may be considerably disturbed and the newborn may eventually die on apnea - Sudden Child Death. Any accident as well as any disease will be aggravated by amalgam. The dead who once had amalgam may no longer be cremated; amalgam teeth must be removed prior to burial.

Amalgam may only be removed using triple protection; oxygen must be provided.

From now on only non-hazardous alternatives may be used for dental works: Dental plastics and metal-free ceramics. Gold, nickel, chromium and other metals as alternatives are prohibited. Placing implants into the amalgam poisoned jawbone is prohibited.

The toxic fillings in children must be removed immediately.

Anesthesia must be given when amalgam is removed on patients with nerve damages.

All renal patients, especially those who are supposed to have a kidney transplantation, need to be released from their amalgam fillings.

Followed by all women who are in the stage of sexual maturity, so that no poisoned children die on sudden infant death (SID); also to avoid genetic damages in children.

All mentally ill (e.g. depressions, schizophrenia) need to be freed from their fillings.

To decrease the percentage of autoimmune diseases, all allergic persons especially those with an allergy towards nickel need to be freed from amalgam.

All dentists without exception need to engage in the removal of the poisonous fillings on costs of the sickness insurance companies.

If mercury had caused suppuration in the jawbone (pus under the teeth), the teeth need to be pulled.

Dentists are supposed to remove all teeth of people who have been extremely ill on the costs of sickness insurance companies; the dentists have to fit in detoxified prostheses until healing has occurred.

Each poisoned person shall receive as much DMPS (immune damages) or DMSA (nerve damages) until healing has occurred.

All costs caused by the amalgam diseases as well as all social damages up to a 100,000 € per person must be taken care off out of a special fund which has to be financed by dentists and amalgam manufacturers because they made enormous sums of money with amalgam.

On the recommendation of the EU, all states, at once, should ban dental mercury. Even FDA will follow.