Stop Mercury, please!


> A child under 6 shall not receive a mercury bomb?

> How nice!

> So, I assume once a child is 7 and brought to the dentist it may

> receive maybe 5 or 8 mercury bomb fillings? Is that right?

> Well, when I was a kid, the doctors came right into school. They decided

> which kid had to receive mercury to stay dumb enough for Germany and its

> controlling system.

> I received 8 huge mercury bombs and by the age of 12 my life was over and

> it has been since then.

> I am now 40. I do not have a profession, I am not able to work. I do not

> have a husband and children simply because I was bed-ridden 80% of my time.

> I have very little brain capacity left and I am hardly able to walk.


> All members of my family are very sick. We were all on a drug. It is

> called Amalgam, I call it legal heroine.

> I wonder if Mrs. Hamburg would like to eat such a filling.

> I ate one. One day one of those fillings cracked and I cracked even more.

> It made me so dumb that I did not even realize why I got even more sick.

> Now, years later I know.

> The mercury was removed at the age of 34, unfortunately too late.

> Way too late.

> Please, stop mercury.

> There is enough money and food and love for all of us if we are fair with

> each other and if we share what we have all learned.

> The US is a wonderful country with wonderful people but you will never

> meet me because I do not have the strength to visit you anymore.

> Does it matter to you?

> To me it does. To me it was the dream of my live.

> But so what?

> Money counts, doesn´t it?

> I expect an answer.

> Freedom and justice for all?

> Was that our motto as Americans?

> It is mine.

> God does not bless poisoners!