Spanien leidet unter der Amalgamkorruption der FDA

MERCURIADOS will write as soon as possible to FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg, who seems not very impartial regarding dental (mercury) amalgam fillings.


Did you contact President Obama's office to make him aware of this situation with the FDA?  Didn't the Lawsuit you and others won against the FDA ( made it compulsory for the FDA to acknowledge the risks of dental (mercury) amalgam fillings, or was it only compulsory that the FDA classified them?


In Spain and other countries, different newspapers and, yesterday, the organization that comprises all medical doctors in Spain (Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Médicos: are just giving the short version: that the FDA concluded that dental (mercury) amalgam fillings are safe for all... and everybody should know the whole picture of the FDA move and should also be informed of the corruption behind such FDA contrary to Science decision.  (Something similar happened when newspapers and the Spain's General College of Dentists (without all the necessary information) wrongly wrote that 'the European Union concluded that dental amalgam fillings are safe'... We (MERCURIADOS) tried to make things clear in an answer to a Dental Assistant that was 'badly informed' by a College of Dentists (, but nor newspapers or the Spain's General College of Dentists corrected what they published, despite the fact that we informed them that the European Union didn't conclude anything regarding the safeness of dental (mercury) amalgam fillings --but on the contrary: and also MEPS questioned amalgam safeness before:, Only the DG SANCO of the European Commission conducted --SCHER and SCHENIHR expert groups conducted-- a study that now will be revised by other experts due to massive claims of patient organizations, doctors, toxicologists, researchers and even dentists saying that the study was biased, didn't analyze the scientific literature against dental amalgam fillings, etc. (the DG SANCO representative, Mr. Delogu, recognised in Brussels --at the DG SANCO headquarters-- in a meeting held with MERCURIADOS and other organizations, on January 20th 2009, that the study was not conclusive, was for internal use, that they had no time and funds to analyze the literature against amalgams, etc.):

 THANKS for your excellent work! Servando Pérez Domínguez