Skull and crossbones labeling the Amalgam bottle is proof of the crime


Each dentist knows, that s/he is committing a crime, when stuffing the head of a patient with 1 to 5 grams out of a bottle containing super toxic Quicksilver, mixed up with other toxic metals. The dentist´s knowledge of this injustice is proven by the fact that the whole process  takes place in an adjoining room.

An individual, injured by Amalgam, had never seen the bottle labeled with skull and crossbones (see starting page,, or was ever allowed to read the prescription pamphlet.

It is even more tragic when the dentist,  while removing the amalgam with the drill, makes the patient inhale the extremely toxic vapors  and therewith intoxicates the patient irreversibly.

Sadistic and totally indifferent are the authorities , that cover such an injustice and even call it good.

This unholy alliance of dentists with their greed for profit plus sadistic authorities  is causing an unbelievable misery.

We are stunned, how many of the responsible  simply look away and for how long!