800 000 schizophrenic Mercury victims suffer because of our Nazi-dentistry

According to official statements, 800 000 citizens in Germany suffer from recognized schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is activated by Dental Mercury,  blocking the glutamate metabolism. Centers of necrosis in the brain are the cause of 80 different - localized in nuclear spin -  brain functioning failures.

Schizophrenia is a deadly autoimmune disease.

Nothing but a radical removal of the poison from the jaw, plus extraction of all teeth, plus years of detoxification on very low doses of DMPS/DMSA in large intervals of 4 weeks, reduces the progress of the brain destruction. Gold replacing the Amalgam leads to a dramatic change for the worse. Medicines, treating schizophrenia, without exception, contain titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide, via metal allergy, enhances the autoimmune disease and causes death in the long term.

Schizophrenia  could have been wiped out a long time ago, if  Dental Mercury  would have been replaced by health-tolerable alternatives 20 years ago, as it has been claimed.

Mass murderer Hitler killed his own people with Amalgam.

For the destruction of the German people, sadistic mass murderer Hitler, immediately after his seizure of power, had ordered the plugging of the mouth of every German with Dental Quicksilver. Infants forcibly received it from the school dentists and mothers received it from the health departments.

These infants, who were of course seriously intoxicated by their mothers, were murdered in the gas chambers as genetically inferior "idiots"- just like the Jewish people.

Because of many civil protests, they then received lethal injections in psychiatric institutions = euthanasia, or near the end of the war, starvation by means of food deprivation.

Source: Ernst Klee, Documents of Euthanasia.

Since dentistry has not been de-nazified until today, Hitler-devoted dental professors have made sure that the murderous Nazi-laws have been continued with slavishly until this very day (10/3/2008). Therefore 80% of the population suffer from very serious illnesses, subsequent to Mercury. Every other person experiences an early death because of a painful autoimmune disease due to Dental Mercury.

Although there have always been health-tolerable, same-in-price alternatives like mineral cement, the sadistic-Hitler-medicine-mass-murdering,  which is benevolently tolerated by the government goes on without hindrance. Dissenters are being banned from their occupations  and they are being harassed - nowadays just as it was in the era of Hitler. For how much longer?

Since the era of Hitler, the population has been looking at this medicinal euthanasia apathetically, intimidated and afraid.

Deadly autoimmune diseases, which were illnesses caused by civilization were consequences of Mercury and it was possible to conceal this from the people for a long time.

However, after official enlightenment of the people on 8/7/1995, everyone knows about the contexts.

Holding on to stuffing Mercury into heads is to be evaluated as a crime.

Many have underestimated the magical influence of Hitler on medicine and on the justice system.

Yet and still, according to Romano Guardini (European Theologian 1885-1968):

                                                     TRUTH WINS!!!