Saved from Mercury
my name is Anna and I am already 4 years old. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and I want to say a big Thank you to you because you helped to make my Mama healthier. She had had an infected Amalgam tooth which made her so ill that she had had schizoid hallucinations, stomach aches, heart problems and a hair loss that had been as big as the palm of a hand. Because of that, she was not able to take care of me well, even before I was born. Right after my birth I had a pretty bad neurodermitis and when I was about 3 months old I had to spend many weeks in the hospital, since I would have died on suffocation without medical supply of oxygene. The pediatricians did not know why. Today my skin has gotten a lot better but I am still hyperactive and often I am not able to sit still. Up until a half a year ago, I was not able to talk very much and I was very awkward. The pediatrician said that I had ADHS. My aunt Renate says that I got pepper in my botty because I received dental Quicksilver in my brain from my Mama. In the older days, pediatricians called that the Feer´s disease. Because of your advice my Mama had the Quicksilver tooth pulled out and now she is a lot healthier. All of her troubles have disappeared and in one month´s time she will be going back to work. She does not need drugs from the psychiatrist anymore, she is patient with me, she reads to me out of picture books and she laughs a lot. Now I am able to talk just as much as the other kids in nursery school. If I am still a little bad once in a while, then please, no-one shall curse me, but shall be happy that I did not die on suffocation shortly after my birth. This very Christmas, through your help, I have a real Mama under the Christmas tree for the first time in my life. No nicer present could have been given to me by the Christ Child. To say Thank You, I send you a beauiful Christmas story.
Merry Christmas and a loving Thanks to you.