Sadistic dentists still use dental amalgam to poison people

These very days (!), very many dentists still use dental amalgam for filling teeth - others have been removing dental amalgam fillings without the necessary protection. All this happens although everyone has been aware that every other German cruelly dies from the effects of dental amalgam. The desperate warning from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Technology of 9.7.1995 which states that mercury triggers deadly autoimmune diseases, keeps enterprising dentists unshaken, even after decades. (autoimmune fax)

Authorities and politicians have not been disagreeing with this kind of selection process.

This stands for our currently unresolved Nazi past, and this is why all neo-Nazis do have dental amalgam fillings.

Dentists are being attracted by mercury, because it comes at no cost. They are charged as little as 15 Euros per shipping -  enough to fill up 500 patients.