SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - concealed cause - maternal dental amalgam

SIDS usually occurs during sleep and is one of the most common causes of death among infants. Physicians speak of Sudden Infant Death when babies die before their first birthday and their death can neither be explained by an autopsy nor by their medical history.

It is not permitted to investigate for mercury in the respiratory center (olive in the brainstem) although the investigations of hundreds of corpses proofed that the levels of mercury are an exact match to the number of toxic fillings in the mouth of the mother (Drasch).

In regard to this our PhD student Mr. Keim had to remove sentences from his dissertation, otherwise it would not have been accepted!

Since dental mercury has remained a taboo in medical science, no scientist is able to write about it without losing his research funds or even his job.

Annually new lies are added.

We have collected more than 40 so far!