Placing amalgam is medical malpractice

Due to

           - numerous deaths caused by amalgam

           - very serious diseases resulting from amalgam

           - high chewing gum test values of the amalgams

           - high Hg-Sn storage levels in DMPS test

we had defined the further use of amalgam in dentistry as medical malpractice.

I and all available pro-amalgamists attended a hearing on this issue which took place at the Bavarian Dentist Chamber in Munich on 9/15/1989. It turned out that their knowledge was far behind the international knowledge, e.g.

           - forensic physicians were not yet aware of the proofed facts that amalgam   

             was the cause of sudden infant death.

           - Toxicology Professor had not yet heard of methylation of mercury once it

              had been placed into the body.

           - dentists were concerned that their colleagues were not able to handle


           - the patients I brought with me were not allowed to report their horrible

             experiences because the dentists did not want to put up with it.

           - they promised to update their level of awareness.

We demand the immediate ban of amalgam and punishment of the perpetrators.