Organic mercury by methylation by intestine bacteria

Several researchers demonstrated the microbial transformation or methylation of mercury by various microorganisms since 1969. This happened in vitro as well as in vivo (1,2). In 1975 the methylation of mercury chloride in human feces was demonstrated. In the same year other authors ascertained  that most species of staphylococci, streptococci, saccharomyces albicans and escherichia coli of the human intestinal flora are capable to cause methylation of mercury (3,4,5). Methyl mercury is a strong poison; it is a nerve and immune poison. It damages the genetic constitution, it causes cancer,ADHD, Alzheimer´s disease and many other diseases.

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Source: Professor Dr. P.Smrz: Amalgam, Die verharmloste Zeitbombe (The played down time bomb) Hippokrates, Ulm, 1986.


At the amalgam hearing, 9/15/1989 at the Dentists Chamber, all facts, without exception were completely unknown to all of the 80 present specialists. The facts were considered as totally absurd.

Recently the toxins from garbage depots came into the picture: the poisoning with gases of organic mercury from the garbage depots.