Narrenfreiheit für Zahnärzte

Dear Huff Post and dear Ellen Brown,


thank you very much for your article on dental amalgam in the United States of America and what FDA keeps hidden.


But what you wrote about Germany is wrong!


Germany is about the worst countries in the world when it comes to amalgam! Why? I am now 40 and I have been surviving dental amalgam on a day-to-day basis for the past 28 years. Here, the doctors came to school and sent us to the dentists who just filled, and filled, and filled!!! Drilled, filled, billed, killed to speak the very truth! Everything was paid by the SICKNESS insurance companies (not HEALTH Insurance Companies)!


The mistreatment we received after we received the fillings has been outstandingly perverted (socialized medicine rules, up until this very day)!


Degussa did not shut down mercury production from battery-reclycling but rather was taken over by so called Evonik ("maybe the company just changed its name").


There has not been a Court Order for German dentists to stop filling with amalgam! This is misinformation. The truth is that dentists are absolutely allowed and supposed to use dental amalgam! The truth is that Courts thmeselves stick to orders from 'above' to accept as less amalgam cases as possible and there are really no wins for those who have the strength and courage to sue.


Furthermore, dentists and medical doctors who are trying to help amalgam patients have to work underhand. They endanger themselves of loosing their permittances to practice (murder threats included).


Even worse, in the worst cases there has been persecution going on! I myself got persecuted and Thank God, I had a good lawyer to help me out! For me this country is nothing but a big huge prison cell and if I could walk or if I could help myself, I´d be gone. "Oh, so social!"


Lawyers in this country are totally uninformed about what is going on, or they are not willing to take cases - it is simply too "hot".


The Sickness Insurance System all together is surely not a blessing, it is a curse!


Please contact me at anytime for more info I´ll gladly provide you with more! We are right now suing the German Government for mass murder! It is about time that the truth about Germany comes to light! Would you help us, Mrs. Brown?