Missing drug education on dental amalgam

As soon as a physician is about to perform surgery on a patient entrusted to his care, he actually is supposed by law to enlighten the patient about what he is going to do and why. The physician is supposed to give a detailed explanation about all risks over 2% probability. The patient is supposed to approve the received information in written form. When performing risky procedures the enlightenment is not supposed to take place immediately before to make sure the patient has had enough time for consideration.

Clarification in the case of dental amalgam is especially important since the consequences of dental amalgam have been fatal to 50% of the patients and have seriously damaged the rest.

This failure of medical enlightenment has been justified by the fact that dentists in Germany are not physicians and therefore hold a “carte blanche” to destroy our health.

The sign of the practice in Germany should only say Dental Worker and not Dental Doctor. The lack of enlightenment and lack of insurance for damages is proof.