Mercury Fillings cause ADHD MS Alzheimer

Hey, Mrs. Alderton,


thank you for answering my e-mail.


Well, I miss sth. on the information FDA provides.

This something is this:

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet and it should never be placed into childrens mouths. As a matter of fact it should never be placed into anybody´s mouth.


I am actually very tired of arguing. All arguments are common knowledge.


Would anybody give heroin to a child or to any other person? Well, in my experience amalgam fillings equal legal heroin.


Amalgam is simply a crime on humanity.


The first thing these fillings do is that they blind the one who received them to the fact that something dark grey is in the person´s mouth.


These fillings make people think that they do not matter to the people.


After 28 years of every day surviving torture I know what I am talking about.


Now, every cause has an effect, is that right?

How come so many children suffer from ADHD?

How come so many elderly people suffer from Alzheimer´s and MS?


I would like Mrs. Hamburg to answer these questions.

If she does not know about these things she is not the right person for FDA.


I also want to know if Mrs. Hamburg has those poisonous fillings herself. I want to know if Mrs. Hamburg would give her own children for amalgam fillings! Let us say 8 fillings or maybe even more.


Obviously Mrs. Hamburg and her folks are not smart enough to know that mercury is a poison.


I would like to talk to Mrs. Hamburg!


Thank you Bonnie,

God bless you and I wish you a nice day!