Maternal dental amalgam results in irreversible brain damage in fetuses via relative astrogliosis


Our PhD student Mr. Keim discovered on 78 cases of sudden infant death that death occurred in correlation with a brain mercury level higher than 7ng/kg.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has been the leading killer of children one week after birth. Once this crisis  has been overcome, however, through high astrogliosis (increased astrocytes) a macroencephaly remains which later in life leads to very severe nerve damage via Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

All this is tolerated criminally by those in charge.

The burden imposed on parents is very high: Many have been taken into custody on suspect of murdering their child and have been harassed in years of trial. Forensic pathologists do not pay any attention to the high levels of mercury in the respiratory center of the the infant corpse.

Canadian scientists in Arizona found up to 2000ppm of mercury in the respiratory center! A level that leads to respiratory arrest with certainty.