MS - ten years bedridden - cured by amalgam removal

The 32 year old mathematician Mrs. N.B. with significant MRI changes and a typical autoimmune disease caused by amalgam was completely cured by proper amalgam removal and DMPS-injections. She joined our lecture on 7/25/09 in Gruenwald. We owe a lot of new insights to her precise documentation of her consultations. The poison in her mouth was removed under triple protection; ten times a year she had her jawbones routed out, and she received one DMPS-injection a year. The most recent DMPS-injection made her release high organic mercury. After one year of treatment, the MS lesions in the MRI as well as the autoimmune disease in the blood had disappeared. After three years of treatment she was able to get back to work as a mathematics teacher in a German Gymnasium (highest form of high school in Germany), which is quite a demanding job.


Toxcenter often recommends routing out the jawbones in order to remove mercury-contaminated bone tissue.