First aid: amalgam removal without protection = very sick

This is what we hear on the poison emergency call almost every day: Amalgam has been, of course, removed without protection on patients who have been suffering from an allergy to mercury. Patients complain about intense, sharp headaches, a metallic taste in their mouths, respiratory troubles, coughing, high temperatures, joint aches, no urine output and diarrhea. These are the symptoms of acute mercury poisoning of patients with an allergy to mercury.

We immediately recommend:

          1. Instantly blow one´s nose into a paper handkerchief (wood pulp)

              and send to TOX-laboratory (0421-20720) - request to test Mercury.

              Instructions at

          2. Swiftly wash face under running water, wash hair.

          3. Change clothes and put them into the washing machine.

          4. Drink 10 grams of medical charcoal (cup of  pulverized charcoal). 

          5. Swallow 100 milligrams of DMPS or DMSA.

          6. Daily drink 2 liters of tap water.

The level of mercury in the handkerchief had always been so immensely high that the dentist

          1. paid the laboratory test without resistance (23,90 €).

          2. discontinued the further use of Amalgam because he was afraid of his personnel  

              staff leaving.

          3. experienced what was happening each time he worked with Amalgam 

              (filling and drilling) - the maximum workplace concentration level was vastly


          4. knew that he had poisoned the brain of his patient with huge amounts of

              mercury which were going to be stored there irreversibly.

Nowadays, the highest poison concentrations of mercury  have been measured solely in dental practices. This is madness.

After the first visit to a dental practice it is highly recommended to do the "mercury-blow-ones- nose-test" to see if the dental practice has been contaminated with mercury or not.