End Game against Amalgam

Dear FDA-Commissioner Sharfstein (JMSharf1@fda.hhs.gov) .

A FDA panel have classified dental amalgam, which is 50% elemental mercury, as safe for all humans in July 2009.

In the FDA panel, there was a member (Magret Hamburg), who held stocks of one of the biggest amalgam-manufacturers (Henry Schein), and was employed in this amalgam company.
Therefore, the FDA panel have severe conflict of interests regarding the further use of mercury in amalgam fillings, despite Mr. Obama will stop the use of the toxic mercury in all forms.
But in Contrast to the FDA-rule, scientific studies have shown that dental amalgam cause severe complaints and diseases.

Dentists are among the biggest users of mercury in the U.S. and Europe (and also increasingly in undeveloped countries), and dental amalgam was profen to be by far the greatest source of the human mercury burden (humans with dental amalgam have about 2-12 times more mercury in their brains, kidney, glands, bones, livers..). This was profen in studies with highest evidence (autopsy studies)

The movement of NGO´s (Charly Brown, Mothers against mercury, etc.) againts your newest and "criminal"FDA -amalgam rule is of global importance.
But your  Assistant Commissioner George Strait called a plan for an “end game” against the movement!!!! (what did he mean with "end game"- this was a term, used by Hitler in world war II against judes)
I have two additional questions:

1.  Did you reject George Strait’s proposal for an “end game” against those fighting your mercury fillings rule?

2.  Did you sanction Strait for proposing to punish those who disagree with you?

Thank you in forward
Kind regards
Dr. med. Joachim Mutter

Breisacher Str. 60

79106 Freiburg