Dentists demand subservience

Dentists are sadists, they rule over their patients, and demand that:

1. Patient has to show subservience at the front desk.

2. No other treating physicians e.g. allergists participate.

3. They alone are in charge of the entire treatment and its order.

4. They decide about the pain the patient has to endure.

5. Their bill will once again be a cause of pain for the patient.

Caring activities such as the removal of pus have still remained foreign territory for today´s dentists. Anyone who thinks he has the slightest say in dental treatment is terribly mistaken. To select one´s dentist has remained the only exercisable right. Later when it comes to trial, the patient hardly has the slightest chance. Dentists and other physicians as experts testify in favor of their colleagues. However, it is essential to present evidence such as memos, test results, letters to the dentist, treatment plans, and witnesses.

The average survival rate for those who never had dental treatment was certainly higher than for those who were poisoned by dental amalgam, dental gold or dental palladium, autoimmune patients, and cancer patients.