Dentists commit ten deadly sins

1. By using amalgam, they ruin the lives of the sick (allergic individuals) and the disabled;           

    then they remove the amalgam too late and without triple protection.

2. By using arsenic, formaldehyde and allergens for root fillings, they increase the risk of


3. By using methacrylate in cements or adhesives, they increase the allergy.

4. By using palladium, they create rheumatism.

5. By using bio-gold, they create infarcts.

6. By stuffing allergens into the mouth, they promote tooth decay.

7. Instead of practicing health care, they carry out nonsensical cosmetic surgery.

8. Instead of assisting medical doctors, they create new unknown problems.

9. Instead of focusing on previous damages of the patients, they rather focus on

    material properties.

10. No-one learns from them which allergens were put into the jaw.

God punishes mankind by their dentists.

(Juij A. Treguboff, writer, born 1913 in St. Petersburg)