Dental amalgam – suicidal thoughts shine a light on our limitations

Suicidal thoughts are very positive, they reveal to us that we need to change something. Either our goal has been set too high, or our preparations have not been good enough as yet. These ideas have proven themselves successful:

1. Pretend you have already ended your life -  all your problems are gone.

2. Relax in a hot bath or shower.

3. Stimulate your endorphins with chocolate.

4. Support your actions with bright light in form of sunlamp, a visit to the lamp store, lemon-yellow walls...

5. Show philanthropy by dressing yourself in red (cats only see red!), never black, no blue.

6. Make others happy by saying: “It´s great that you are here” or  “wow, it´s great the way you´re doing that.”

7. Sleep deprivation, no alcohol, no sleeping pills, no psychotropic drugs.

8. Make a positive list with ideas of problem solving.

9. Draw signs saying “Ideas solve problems” - “I live, nothing else matters”!

10. My life is the only thing that is of value!