Dental amalgam – heavy metal detox  - the benefits of jogging

Sauna releases poison from the cells, and via blood transports it back to where it causes  most of the damage, namely the brain and the heart, which in some cases resulted in death. Jogging, on the other hand, strongly fosters the removal of poison from the body.

Blood flow of kidneys and liver is at its maximum while jogging. Urine after jogging always shows high levels of toxic metals, just as after DMPS/DMSA testing.

Young women who engage in jogging or other intensive sports never give birth to ADHD-children.

Jogging, however, should not replace the removal of home toxins, dental toxins, and the taking care of abscessed teeth – the risk lies in the avoidance of these cautions which then would lead to an even higher intake of poison.

 A small fraction of detoxification can also be experienced by taking a brisk walk. Its effectiveness can be measured in the urine before and after sports based on the increase of toxic levels -  this is the so-called sports urine.

Sports urine perfectly replaces the DMPS or DMSA provoked urine test – it triggers the same detox effect and comes without the risk of eventually causing an allergy

This has been our research success!