Amalgamvergiftete ruft um Hilfe_ englisch

Good Day Mr. Sharfstein,
how are you?
I am not so good. I am now in the 28th year of EVERY DAY SURVIVING  8 huge mercury fillings that were placed into my most precious mouth when I was a little girl.
Well, it is an extremely long story of torture.
I repeat: torture!
The first thing these fillings did to me?
They knocked me out completely.
They made me so dumb and so blind that it took me till the age of 34 to find out why I had been bed-ridden from the age of 15.
Mr. Sharfstein, I am writing to you from Germany where socialized medicine had continued to be all-powerful. Do you know what I mean?
Mr. Sharfstein, I do believe that one reason I received these fillings was for the dentist to make money. He did not have to pay anything for the mercury (devil´s shit), he received it free from battery-recycling. At the time he made about 15 DM when he placed a filling. So those guys did nothing but place fillings all day long.
Here in Germany these dentists are very well off.
They live in huge houses often with pools. They send their kids to university to study.They travel. They have big cars.
Nobody wants to know about us victims.
Mr. Sharfstein, I lost everything due to these fillings.
I am highly allergic towards all metallic substances.
Mr. Sharfstein, did you ever meet a kid with ADHD?
There are lots of them.
Why don´t you check out the mouths of the mothers?
Please let me know if you find any mother whose child suffers from ADHD without mercury fillings!
Now, Mr. Sharfstein, have you ever been to a clinic for Multiple Sclerosis?
I have!
Please check that out!
Please let me know if you find any MS patient who did never have mercury fillings?
Mr. Sharfstein!
More for you!
I really do not want to waste too much time in arguing with you.
You do know all the arguments for a final ban of amalgam.
Is is so hard to step back and apologize?
Is it so hard to say: I have been wrong!
Is money really so important!
Mr. Sharfsein, I never wanted to live in Germany.
I wanted to come over to live with you guys in the U.S.
I wanted to have my children to grow-up in freedom and now I do not have one child. I have been to dis-eased to have children.
I am also not able to work.
Thanks to a Killer-German-Dentist!
Mr. Sharfstein, I do not even know why I do not hate you.
I really do not.
Mr. Sharstein, please help us put an end to this crime.
Please Mr. Sharfstein, I am just a very simple woman who lives in total poverty but I know that mercury is very very poisonous.
I would love to hear fom you.