Amalgam-related Holocaust from the perspective of an amalgam victim

The annual genocide of approximately 450,000 citizens living in Germany needs to be described as an amalgam-related Holocaust.

The amalgam-related Holocaust is considered a unique crime because its aim is to decimate the Germans in a cruel, malicious and systematic way: All People who reside in Germany are, solely because of their very existence, designated for creeping murder and hardly have a chance of survival if they have been caught by the clutches of Nazi-power-apparatus-amalgam-socialized medicine (DGZMK in German). This intention of extermination of the people and its systematic industrial implementation, also, in the same way, concerns those who have been categorized as minorities, such as the unborn, children, the sick and elderly who are hardly (or not at all) able to defend themselves.

Further worldwide mass murders of millions of people annually, especially Europeans, Americans, Australians, thousands of disabled people, countless unborn and approximately 800 German babies (due to maternal amalgam), are set up as kind of a birth control and need to be included in this amalgam-related Holocaust.

The so called 'Munich model' which is filled by high-caliber pro-amalgam lobbyists, continued with the extermination of humanity by lying, claiming that there have not been fatal health damages caused by amalgam.

The denial and the trivialization of the amalgam-related Holocaust is called the amalgam-related-Holocaust-denial: The genocide of people with dental amalgam is usually denied, whereas other dental-metal-victims (gold, palladium, titanium, etc.) have not been specifically mentioned but need to be added as well.

In Germany, the public denial of the amalgam-related Holocaust by the 'Munich model' which is occupied by falsifiers of science should be avenged according to §130 para 3 of the Penal Code as incitement of the people. In other countries, too, it must be pursued as a crime and it must be reported to the International Crime Court in Den Haag. The amalgam-Holocaust liars must be punished.

In Germany, approximately 450,000 amalgam-related deaths per year correlate to approximately 1800 dead per legal sickness-insurance (5 dead per day) at currently about 250 legal sickness insurance companies in Germany which favor amalgam as standard care.