Amalgam lawsuit - proof of mercury intoxication

Each amalgam intoxicated individual has the option to prove that s/he was sentenced to death by no-one but the dentist. This is possible at anytime during life, and even after death - autopsy!This proof is of extreme importance for the well-being of the next generation; it will help to finally put an end to this inhuman activity of mass-poisoning!

Modern medicine provides these diagnostic tests for mercury-illness verification - many more are currently being tested:

1. Chewing-gum test, Hg (Mercury)

2. DMPS/DMSA test, Hg in feces/urine (DMSA-proof-of-amalgam-intoxication)

3. Dental X-ray of the entire jaw, Hg-level, marginal gaps around the roots,

    resulting allergies

4. MRI of the head: white spots, brain shrinkage

5. Removed tumor, Hg

6. Samples of biopsy (colonitis, gum), Hg

7. Root of tooth, Hg


9. Epicutane test (skin patch test), 7 days(!), Hg, organic Hg, Sn, Cu, Ag

10. Autoimmune tests (brain, organs)

11. Alpha-1-microglobulin increased - renal damage caused by mercury

12. Gluthatione transferase reduced by mercury

      (Ignorants call that 'genetically', I say:"Poison removal removes 'genetics'!")

13. 80 enzyme defects caused by mercury since it docks itself to acetyl-CoA

In Germany, an amalgam poisoned individual better presents these proofs, otherwise s/he  will be regarded as 'mentally ill' and may end up in a psychiatric institution!