Amalgam instantly causes irreversible brain damage and tumor


Numerous animal experiments by Vimy and Lorscheider and many others proofed on sheep and monkeys, that:


1.      within 4 weeks, Mercury and the other toxic heavy metals which are part of the Amalgam, immediately spread themselves out in the brain, the kidney and all other organs.


2.      the toxicity effect during longer duration of intoxication was growing stronger and stronger in proportion to the time of intoxication.


Pseudo-therapies, like alga, cilantro, electro therapy and the other 'Firlefanz' (German expression for 'glittery nonsense'), are nothing but wicked profiteering.


The poison concentrations never left the brain and never left the cut out  tumor tissue. The damages remained.


This clearly speaks for an immediate ban of Amalgam and punishment of the victimizers, who have had knowledge about what´s been going on for the past 20 years.