Amalgam harms the environment and therefore the world population

The rest of the world follows the actions of Germany as the birthplace of chemistry.

Therefore, soon all 6,  8 billion people of the world will have 16 amalgam fillings in their teeth. China as well as India will follow. They will be without amalgam separators as in the U.S.. The drinking water and the land will be poisoned by contaminated urine, feces and corpses from the poison being placed in the teeth. Dental mercury should be disposed of as hazardous waste. In just the EU 15,000 tons of mercury would immediately accumulate as waste product if amalgam were to be removed from the population. Dentists are faint-hearted when it comes to approaching a solution to this problem. Who will pay for the disposal? How long will it take for everyone to learn how to use alternatives? In Austria, dental amalgam is placed by semi-skilled housewives, not by dentists. A person does not need skills: scribble it in, chomp (bite on it) and it is done!

Amalgam was banned in Japan in the 1980´s and with some good will that would work in Europe too. Their dentists received a little more money for alternatives and they would have had to install separators for amalgam disposal as well.

Suddenly, amalgam was no longer used in Japan. Have the Japanese experienced worse conditions of their teeth for the past 20 years? Surely not! It works fine. Local statements that amalgam is needed for its strength in back teeth are nothing but out-and-out lies!

The longer the EU waits on an immediate ban of mercury, the more intense the poisoning of the whole world.