Amalgam death - criminally concealed facts

The Federal German Government (2007, 2005, 2001) keeps the following information secretive in regards to amalgam:

1. Every other person suffers from a deadly autoimmune disease caused by an allergy towards amalgam (autoimmune fax).

2. Amalgam causes a so called delayed allergy (Bieger) but solely rapid allergy tests are performed.

3. Amalgam is a nano-poison (the smaller - the nastier) which enters in extremely small amounts - into all cells and stays there. Nano-particles disturb the brain development of fetuses.

4. Not only the absorbed amount of poison but also the allergy (2) plays a role when it comes to the break out of a deadly autoimmune disease - according to the “law of all or nothing.” All of our patients were allergic persons - except in the final stage of

cancer. After 17 years of poisoning, mercury stored in the brain equated to cancer which resulted in death.

5. The allergenic metals are irreversibly stored in the brain cells and other organs.

6. Amalgam is the reason for brain damage in newborns.

7. Methylation which is the transformation of inorganic mercury into dangerous organic mercury (and tin) caused by ordinary intestinal bacteria, fungi, vitamins and food.

8. Amalgam shows low in blood - and urine level when death occurs, but high

concentrations of amalgam were always found in the brain and in other organs.

9. To avoid heavy nerve damage and even death by amalgam removal, amalgam must always be removed using triple protection.

10.It is strictly forbidden to place dental mercury into the bodies of the sick, especially for the following groups of people:

·        those who suffer from innate nerve disturbances, hearing disorders, visual disturbances

·        those with kidney malfunctions

·        females who want to give birth (during the entire period of sexual maturity)

·        those who suffer from an allergy

All amalgam patients are entitled to proper amalgam sanitation as well as lifelong treatment with the counter poisons  DMSA and DMPS.

All these facts are common knowledge to insiders and survivors but they have been criminally concealed by an extensive team of experts for the past 20 years.

This network of lies can be abandoned only by justice.

The stuffing of amalgam was declared as medical malpractice in 1989, therefore the concealment of the deathly facts is to be designated as collective murder and the worst crime on humanity.