Amalgam deadly poison due to its mercury

1. Mercury causes a premature and cruel death.

2. Amalgam releases mercury vapors and damages the brain irreversibly.

3. Everyone becomes allergic towards amalgam - even newborns.

4. Proof is furnished with 7-day patch test for skin allergy.

5. Mercury allergy imperceptibly causes jaw suppuration.

6. Purulence caused by mercury erodes the brain, kidneys and other organs.

7. Mercury allergy initiates hundreds of other allergies.

8. Mercury eats psyche, cancer follows.

9. Mercury harms the brains of newborn (Sudden Child Death).

10. Mercury remains in the body until death - jawbones included.

11. Mercury remains in the organs and in the corpse.

12. Mercury initiates allergies which lead to deadly autoimmune diseases as MS,

      Alzheimer´s disease, infarct, cancer.

 A head full of mercury is a terrible crime against humanity.

The perpetrators should be punished - including health ministers and insurance companies.