Amalgam - concealment of high mortality rate

Even 13 years after the German Government released the autoimmune fax, and, although obligation to inform is required by law, the following facts are unlawfully withheld from those who receive amalgam, as well as from those who have been plugged with amalgam:

-Both, mercury and tin, always cause allergies which occur a few years later, and which

 result in fatal autoimmune diseases. (Melchart)

-In Germany, each year, the death of every other person is caused by amalgam.

-It is as less successful to remove the amalgam after incurable damages have

 occurred as is the withdrawal from smoking after manifestation of lung cancer.

 Antidotes have no effects after cell damage.

Dentists continue to conceal the incredibly high death figures because of their high-incomes which are due to the fact that they receive the mercury from battery recycling for free.