Amalgam Plugging must become Criminal Offense

Amalgam causes in Germany 1200 dead per day, among them 380 smokers. Because of secondary diseases, Amalgam, for nearly 200 years, has annihilated almost  the entire intelligence of our country.

Murder is marked by maliciousness: A material, delivered to a dental practice, labeled with huge skull and crossbones, after usage, picked up, labeled with big skull and crossbones again, is declared to the sick as especially healthy.

It can hardly be more malicious!

Because of the lie: Mercury is harmless, any help or even therapy for the victims has been completely spoiled - a proof of intent.

For 20 years, I have been showing perfect evidence about the maliciousness and the dangerousness of Amalgam - supplemented by thousands of warnings from the entire world.

Brutally, the ones in authority have been denying the facts.

The tremendous ignorance towards the health conditions of children and the sick cries to the skies. The attitudes of dentists lack any common sense. One may almost think of  a method behind that.

All those in charge are complicit because they are turning a blind eye to the whole matter. Today, no-one is able to insist on "s/he did not know".

The general meeting of TOX Center invites sincere individuals to put an immediate end to this insanity.