The law to order Amalgam as the only medical-insurance liability-maintenance was one of the first rules for the functioning of the "Empire of a 1000 Years".

Like slaves all submissives stick to it, as to the introduction of the "Police Doctor" for health-attesting, the "Independent-Examining-Doctor of Confidence", nowadays Medical Service of Sickness Insurance (in Germany) or as to the Autobahns which are the backbone of all states/governments.

Before Hitler, Medical Dentistry offered Gold to the wealthy (on Medical-Sickness-Insurance-Record-Card), Amalgam to the poor.

History of the Amalgam-Rule by A.H. is very difficult to understand.

H´s driver Graf, the late keeper of Stenglhof (Bavarian expression for bar/restaurant), who lived around our corner told me this around 1950. Since my aunt lived with us at the time, I was very interested in the circumstances. Graf was very fond of children and warmhearted. This was probably the reason why he talked about it with Hitler on long-distant drives, although no-one else knew about it.

Not before the appearance of the book about H´s end, which showed X-ray and reconstruction of his teeth (picture part),everything was warmed-up.


H. had had many Doctors. When he had gotten depressed, introverted and hypochondriac, he was being advised to get the Amalgam out. Since he also wanted to change the world, he was being advised towards Gold. He loved loud speeches, therefore he was advised to firm the teeth which were loose and dead by pariodontosis with metallic sticks. Total rotten teeth were pulled out and dental metal bridges were put into his mouth. Much Gold was used since that was supposed to make him more energetic.

The whole dental reconstruction (Gold on top of Amalgam!) caused him a lot of physical pain up to the end of his life.

Not before 3 days, before he commited suicide as well as murder on his wife, the most painful, totally suppurated bridge on his left upper jaw with a totally paranasal sinusitis, was disposed-much too late.

Due to the METALL STICK IN TOOTH 43 HE SUFFERED FROM STRONG HIP PAINS and he had to use a cane.

Since he was afraid that after pulling the most suppurated teeth, he would not be able to hold martialic speeches anymore, he had put the matter on hold for years.

Now a few more factors appeared which pushed him towards the usage of Amalgam.

A chemist from Wacher-Chemistry, who was in charge of the waste disposal, had to examine the reactions of textiles (water-proof, increase of cutting-solidity, crease-resistancy) when those were soaked with trash chemicals, which were too toxic for sewage or hazardous waste depot. This guy had had the order to freely give away those trash chemicals for refinement of textiles to the Augsburger Comb-Yarn-Industry.

The idea to do that came from this man´s predecessor who had made an agreement with Hitler to dispose 40 000 KILOGRAMMS OF LIQUID MERCURY, which were the TRASH PRODUCT coming out of the yearly electrolysis of the production of sodium carbonate into the mouths of the people.

This came along quite well for Hitler since he knew that he was going to need all the Gold for his future warfare.

Up until today ALL DENTISTS GET THE LIQUID MERCURY FOR FREE, paying only 10 Euros for the threefold safety package, containing 500 gramms of Mercury, including transportation. For the disposal of the highly toxic drilled out Amalgam, dentists pay a lot though.

Hence, Hitler introduced the law wich is valid up until today, that the Quakesilver which was disposed into the mouths of the people should by any possibility never be drilled out again, otherwise the disposal effect of the super poison would be lost.

Hitler lamented the fact to his driver Graf that Jews -even if they were poor -always had nothing but Gold in their mouths.

Hitler thought that Amalgam was the only REAL  ARYAN STUFFING FOR CAVITIES.

The GOOD German was only to receive Amalgam.

The whole world has agreed to follow this Hitler-Law , just as with the building of Autobahns.

The arguments dentists use today came solely from Hitler:

-cheapest for the dumb people-mob

-fastest (also in war field without drilling)

-easy to use (alos for "amateurs" at the front)

-long-lasting (till the end of the war)

-beauty-unimportant, main importance:readiness and availability for work and fight

-damages (most like) do not appear in one´s work life

Hitler knew very well how to make the German submissive and experienced with his own suffering, that no-one was able to handle alternatives effectively (Gold in and on top of pus) and suppurated teeth which were preserved by Homeopathics, Pervitin, Morphium and Testosteron (against the age depression of a 50 year old) until the bitter end.

Anyone nowadays who asks a dentist to pull out suppurated teeth experiences a part of Hitler´s destiny in his own being.

The massive infections in Hitler´s teeth also led to a torturing insommia, which made him evil and sadistic. Eventually millions of people would be still living today if he had not had those dental damages.

When I was a kid I often asked my dentist-aunt why dentists compared to Chirurgs did not like to pull out pus?

As back then, politics play the important role in medicine.

We are curious for how long the achivements of "Hitler´s Empire of a 1000 Years" still are bitterly honoured by some individuals. One will not believe how many Hitler honourers there are up until today.

                                                     TRUTH WINS!


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