ADHS and Alzheimer´s are sole results of Hitler´s Amalgam


Hitler thought of Mercury as God´s Judgment´s poison: the 'good German' tolerates it and the 'Non-Aryan' becomes ill.


The children who became ill with ADHS due to the Mercury, Hitler had killed: at first with poison gas, later by lethal injection, finally through starvation.


At least 80 000 children and teenagers died like that. Their death sentence was:'Idiots'.


For all around performance of this test, school dentists had to stuff the teeth of all children with Mercury. Women during pregnancy also received Mercury. Their children then landed in euthanasia: their death sentence was: 'Your child can be treated'.


Hitler himself had suffered from a typical ADHS with restless legs, depressions, a total insomnia and nervous shortfalls.  To help this, his doctors administered high doses of 'Pervitin' - nowadays  the children receive 'Ritalin', which is  Pervitin´s follow-up medical drug.


This is modern Chemistry-Euthanasia (Mercury, Ritalin, Physostigmine).


Alzheimer patients, on the analogy of the ADHS, receive the carbamate pesticide Physostigmine which is a  long term deadly brain poison.


From numerous cases, we have gained the knowledge, that the symptoms of confusion which were crammed on top of the Alzheimer´s quickly called forth death.


Hitler had called out the 'Empire of a 1000 Years'. If one thinks on how his subtle ideas of murder have been so well received worldwide, we can only be disgusted about the continuation of this kind of  killing.


Nowadays countless Hitler honorers stuff the heads of the sick and the helpless with Mercury, 'because it is the cheapest', and they revel in watching the most horrible slow motion dying.